Brand Image
The name Slay Swimwear says it all. We are a company that likes to help women build their self confidence. These bathing suits are made to turn heads, so when you wear them, remember to SLAY!
Quality is important to us. That's why we have taken the extra step of adding a UV treatment to all crystals and hardware. The UV protective coat prevents the crystals and hardware from discoloring or breaking and extends the longevity of the swimsuit.
Giving Back
The Yas Queen -The Yas Queen Swimsuit celebrates unity and justice for all. All proceeds from the Yas Queen Swimsuit go to "Off the Street Club" Charity. "Off the Street Club" is a place in West Garfield Park, IL where, for a few hours each day, reality is paused for the children living in this neighborhood. Where feelings of worry and fear are replaced with mentoring, laughter and joy in a safe place to play.